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GCL Equipment offers a wide selection of ultra high-efficiency liquid/gas phase separators SCV.

Ultra high-efficiency separators can be used in the refining, chemical, petrochemical, gas processing, oil and gas production, power and other industries.

Some of such applications for GCL Equipment ultra high-efficiency separators are:

•       Natural gas (NG) separation for oil and gas exploration. Separation of coal mine methane and shale gas from liquids and solids

•       Fuel, impulse and starting gas separators, dust collectors, filter-separators for NG purification at gas compressor stations

•       Process separators for low-temperature NG separation units

•       NG separation at gas distribution stations and gas control units

•       NG separation at gas loading/unloading terminals

•       Gas preparation at underground gas storage facilities

•       Associated petroleum gas (APG) purification following all stages of oil separation

•       APG purification for further transportation and usage as fuel for gas turbine plants, gas processing plants, boiler stations and thermal power plants

•       APG separation to ensure proper operation of APG registration equipment (flow meters of all types)

•       Separation at compressor stations, booster stations, oil-heating units, preliminary water removal units, gas preparation units, complex gas treatment plants, gas conditioning stations, the fractionator overheads, etc., as well as at APG recycling units

•       Process separators at APG low temperature separation units

•       Separation of upper products from rectification columns

•       Separation of process gases in hydroprocessing and thermocatalytic processes, MEA (monoethanol amine) purification

•       Purification of inert gases, compressed air

•       Separation of flare gases

Due to the high-efficiency separation/purification achieved and compact size and light weight, ultra high efficiency separators SCV can be used on board ships, submarines or offshore platforms. They also can be used to clean fuel gas, compressed air, before and after the compressor, as well as to clean gas at steam turbine inlet.

Advantages of ultra high-efficiency separators SCV

•       Small size and weight

•       High separation efficiency throughout the broad range of gas and liquid phases - 99.98% at any pressure and flow

•       High separation stability during flow and pressure fluctuations

•       Low pressure drop

•       No replaceable components, moving or rotating parts

•       Simple assembly and operation

•       Low maintenance

•       Stable operation in plug flow

GCL Equipment has the knowledge and experience to provide the most cost-effective ultra high-efficiency separator for your application.

Our engineers can provide the optimum ultra high-efficiency separator technical guidance during erection and start-up.

Contact us today to have one of our specialists offer a solution for your operation and assess your needs for you to be fully compliant with global air quality regulations.