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Thermal Oxidizers

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GCL’s Exclusive Roxidizer® RTOs
GCL’s Exclusive Roxidizer® RTOs
Regenerative and recuperative oxidizers use recovered energy to pre-heat incoming process air to oxidation temperatures. GCL Equipment regenerative and recuperative oxidizers provide up to 95% heat recovery and up to 99% destruction efficiency of volatile organic compounds while protecting the environment, minimizing the use of supplemental natural gas and significantly lowering operating costs.
Heat Recovery
Heat Recovery
GCL Equipment offers a wide selection of heat recovery thermal oxidizers.
Because of the high temperatures associated with combustion of waste gases and liquids our most advanced thermal oxidizers incorporate heat recovery equipment to reduce operating costs due to steam generation, air, water, oil or other fluids heating.
Direct Fired
Direct Fired

GCL Equipment offers a wide selection of direct fired thermal oxidizers.
GCL Equipment direct fired thermal oxidizers provide safe and maximum destruction removal efficiency of volatile organic compounds and hazardous industrial waste gases and liquids while protecting the environment.