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Horizontal Flare Systems

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GCL Equipment Horizontal Flare (GCHF) systems provide a safe and effective method for disposing of a mixture of gas and liquids, or just liquids from production well testing, LNG plants, flare knockout drums, pipelines and other applications.

Horizontal flares are typically a non-smokeless systems. Smokeless horizontal flares require special flare tips for combustion of a mixture of gas and liquids streams or an outside source or utility (such as steam, air, gas, or water) to achieve proper and stable combustion of liquid streams. Horizontal flares could be installed in an open or flare pit that is constructed from an excavation and lined with refractory brick or concrete. A GCHF is a cost effective combustion option.

GCL Equipment has the knowledge and experience to provide the most cost-effective horizontal flare system for your application.

Our engineers can also provide optimum horizontal flare system technical guidance during erection and start-up.

Contact us today to have one of our specialists offer a solution for your operation and assess your needs to be fully compliant with global air quality regulations.