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Elevated Flare Systems
Elevated Flare Systems

GCL Equipment designs, engineers and builds worldwide all types of elevated flare systems including guy-supported, self-supported, derrick-supported and demountable flares.
GCL Equipment offers a wide variety of flare systems including steam assisted, gas assisted, air assisted, sonic and non-assisted flares for upstream, downstream onshore and offshore applications.

Horizontal Flare Systems
Horizontal Flare Systems
GCL Equipment Horizontal Flare (GCHF) systems provide a safe and effective method for disposing of a mixture of gas and liquids, or just liquids from production well testing, LNG plants, flare knockout drums, pipelines and other applications.
Enclosed Flare Systems
Enclosed Flare Systems
GCL Equipment Enclosed Flare (GCEF) systems can provide thermal oxidation efficiency better than 99.99%, use high performance, low emission multi-jet burners for smokeless combustion of the heaviest waste gases and low energy wastes without any costly steam or air blowers.