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Enclosed Flare Systems

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GCL Equipment Enclosed Flare (GCEF) systems can provide thermal oxidation efficiency better than 99.99%, use high performance, low emission multi-jet burners for smokeless combustion of the heaviest waste gases and low energy wastes without any costly steam or air blowers. Multi-jet burners are evenly distributed inside the combustion chamber to assure uniform mixture of ambient air with waste streams.  The combustion chamber is lined with refractory blanket to provide long service life and significantly reduced noise levels.

Fully automatic multi-stage operation of the burners assures dependable control of waste gases and other objectionable waste streams from oil/gas production, refineries, chemical/petrochemical, gas processing plants, hydrocarbon loading terminals and other manufacturing/processing operations.

GCEF systems are typically installed in populated areas and in crowded areas of plants close to other process units. GCL Equipment design allows operation of these units in tight spaces while keeping plant personnel safe.

The advantages of GCL Equipment Enclosed Flare (GCEF) systems are listed below:

  • Smokeless operation for any range of flare gas compositions
  • No radiation outside the unit
  • No visible flame
  • Very low and controlled emissions
  • No objectionable noise
  • No expensive steam or air assist
  • No odor
  • Less area needed than for elevated flares due to zero radiation
  • Suitable for a large range of gas pressures
  • Unlimited turndown capability
  • High efficiency combustion with high destruction efficiency
  • Low maintenance and long service life
  • Very simple, easily maintainable controls and critical components at grade level
  • Low operating cost

GCL Equipment has the knowledge and experience to provide the most cost-effective enclosed flare system for your application.

Our engineers can also provide optimum enclosed flare system technical guidance during erection and start-up.

Contact us today to have one of our specialists offer a solution for your operation and assess your needs to be fully compliant with global air quality regulations.